Core values are consistent, passionate, Biblical, distinctive convictions that determine our priorities, influence our decisions, drive our ministry, express our personality and are always demonstrated by our behavior. Core values communicate what’s important, guide people’s personal involvement in the church, help others embrace positive newness and additions, inspire people to action and enhance credible leadership.

​Purposeful Relationships

Hebrews 10:25, Acts 2:42-47
Jesus set the example of having purposeful relationships. It was no accident that He asked people to follow Him. Consistently He taught them in groups and sent them out in groups to fulfill the mission. Jesus intentionally placed Himself in the company of people who were in need. He asked tough questions regarding faith. He held those of faith to the truth of the message. This example demonstrates our own need to be spiritually accountable to the mission. The mission extends not only to those who are far from God, but it reaches into the most intimate relationships–from mother to daughter, father to son, husband to wife, young to more mature. His word shows us how to live in purposeful relationships. Living and loving like Jesus is no accident. We can only live and love like Him on purpose.

Experiencing the Presence of God

Psalms 34:8
In order to live and love like Jesus we have to first know who Jesus is. All of us are on a journey of faith whether we know Jesus or not. His story and plan includes you and me. Through spiritual disciplines, personal discipleship and our worship services we want to help you listen to His story and respond in faith.

Life Transformation

Romans 12:2 Ephesians 4:14-16
This is what we hope for each person with whom we come into contact. Life transformation is the process of becoming more like Jesus. In order to live and love like Jesus, we need to resemble Him. Our hope is to provide the necessary resources and environment to foster a life-long spiritual development for each person.

Missional Living

2 Corinthians 2:15
Jesus came to help people who were far from God find their way back to Him. He placed himself in the company of those people and demonstrated an intentional love by meeting their needs and offering them hope. As a church, if we are going to live and love like Jesus, we must be a continual extension of His mission. Through missional living, we have a chance to respond to who He is and how He calls us to live out His mission.

Power of Team

1 Corinthians 12:27, 2 Timothy 2:2
Very rarely did Jesus teach, perform a miracle or extend grace without being in the company of others. He invited a group to follow in His steps and be part of the team. His life and love were passed on to the disciples who in turn passed them on to the next generation, all for the purpose of continuing His mission. The power of team is how the mission continues from generation to generation. When it comes to the mission of Jesus everyone has a part to play. When you commit to EBCC, we want you to consider yourself to be part of Christ’s team.