We believe the church is not a location or a facility. While we use these facilities to serve our faith community and community at large, the church is not a building; rather, the church is the people who share in the faith of Jesus Christ and commit to fulfilling his mission. To learn more about who we are check out our beliefs, mission, core values and member expectations.
Our history:
In 1959, there were three or four families who began talking about starting a New Testament Christian Church on the east side of Bartlesville, as there was not one at that time. During that time period, there was an organization called the Northeastern Evangelistic Association located in Tulsa. This group was comprised primarily of men from the Tulsa area. It was decided that the group of families here in Bartlesville would write a letter to the Association asking for their help.
The first Christian Church in Cleveland, OK, had also been very active in starting new churches. They had sponsored the beginnings of churches in Stroud, Claremore, and Owasso, just to name a few. They were very interested in placing a church in Bartlesville and offered financial support for a period of three years.
The first meeting of East Bartlesville Christian Church (EBCC) was held at the Tuxedo Lions Club building on December 6, 1959. Keith Casteel, who was a Timothy of the Cleveland Church, took the pulpit as our first minister.
The East Bartlesville Christian Church continued to meet in the Lions Club building for approximately one year. It was then decided to purchase land and build a church building. We purchased the land and began construction. In 1961 we held our first service in our current location.
Over the years, we have seen many people come and go through our church doors, but through it all the Lord has shown his abundant glory on his church. During the fifty years of East Bartlesville Christian Church, we have been blessed with eight Senior ministers and seven youth ministers:
Senior Ministers
Keith Casteel, Manny Loveall, Bill Mieir, Ron Culp, Robin Sigars, Randy Sparks, David Mabon, Matt Reece, Chris Morton, David Bycroft
Youth Ministers
Don Fankhauser, Steve Siddle, Eric Clements, Paul Ortiz, Kyle Worley, David Paukovitz, Jeremy McNeice,
Each of these men has brought many additions and love to EBCC. We truly thank them for their leadership. We are also blessed with a church Board of Elders and Deacons who have had the love of God in their hearts and minds for the good of this congregation.